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Laboratory of Infectology and Immunoprophylaxis in Pediatrics

Petrova Alla Germanovna

Head of the Laboratory since 2018, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor


       The Laboratory was founded in September 2018 as part of the Department of Pediatrics. The Laboratory aimed primarily at fundamental and applied developments in the following areas: infectious diseases, immunology and vaccination of children.

The main research areas:

The Laboratory collaborates with Russian educational, scientific and medical institutions: Irkutsk Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases; Irkutsk Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital; Federal Research Center of Fundamental and Translational Medicine; Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Professor V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky; Irkutsk Municipal Perinatal Center; Research Institute of Medical Problems in the North.

As a result of many years of research on the problem of perinatal HIV infection, conducted since 2002, the following monographs have been published: HIV Infection in Childhood, Irkutsk, 2007; Perinatal HIV Infection, Irkutsk, 2010; HIV Infection at the Turn of the Century / Guide for Doctors of all Specialties, Saint Petersburg, 2012; HIV Infection and Tuberculosis in Children: Clinical and Immunological Aspects, Irkutsk, 2013.