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Academic council

  Scientific Council is one of the administrative boards of FSBSI SC FHHRP. It was founded to improve academic and research activity, enhance efficiency of scientific research to boost scientific and technical progress, implement the research results to health service practices, prepare, certify and place personnel. Scientific Council acts under the Charter of the Institution (approved by the resolution of the Presidium of Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences No 5/1 from 25 June 2001 subsequently amended and revised, which was approved by the resolutions of the Presidium of Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences No 96 from 16 December 2008 and No 136 from 7 December 2011) and the Statute of the Scientific Council, accepted and approved at the meeting of the members of the Scientific Council devoted to its renaming on 3 February 2009 (Protocol No 1) .

Composition of the Scientific Council

Chairperson – Lyubov V. Rychkova, Dr.Sc. (Med.), corresponding member of RAS 


Deputy Chairperson – Lyubov I. Kolesnikova – academician of RAS

Scientific Secretary – Maria A. Rashidova – Cand. Sc. (Biol.)

Members of the Scientific Council:

Tatiana A. Bairova, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Olga V. Bugun, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Lyudmila A. Grebenkina, Dr.Sc. (Biol.)

Irina N. Danusevich, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Galina A. Danchinova, Dr. Sc. (Biol.)

Marina A. Darenskaya, Dr.Sc.(Biol.)

Irina V. Kozlova, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Sergey I. Kolesnikov, academician of RAS

Olga Ya. Leschenko, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Irina M. Madaeva, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Oleg B. Ogarkov, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Alla G. Petrova, Dr. Sc. (Med.), Professor

Anna V. Pogodina, Dr. Sc. (Med.)

Vladimir M. Polyakov, Dr. Sc. (Biol.)

Natalya V. Protopopova, Dr. Sc. (Med.), Professor

Evgeny D. Savilov, Dr. Sc. (Med.), Professor

Mikhail F. Savchenkov, academician of RAS

Natalya V. Semenova, Dr. Sc. (Biol.)

Larisa V. Suturina, Dr. Sc. (Med.), Professor

Leonid F. Sholokhov, Dr. Sc. (Med.), Professor